Corentium Home Radon Tester



You have purchased the Corentium Home from us and we have installed an attenuation system for you. We will pay you back!

* Certain conditions apply.

The Airthings Corentium Home digital radon detector is a compact yet powerful radon measurement instrument that is easy to use and accurate. If you want to know your exposure rate quickly, this is your best option. The Corentium Home LCD digital display shows the first indication of your radon levels within 24 hours. Health Canada recommends long-term testing since radon is present in the air all around us and levels fluctuate daily. The good news is that the Corentium Home shows daily, weekly and long-term average radon concentrations. So you can get a quick idea of your radon level and then check it over the long term. There is nothing to send to the lab and no shipping costs.

Problematic result
Call on us, we will be able to advise you. Then, your Conrentium Home will verify if the system installed has indeed reduced the concentration of radon in your home. We are not worried, but you will have peace of mind soon. You will get continuous reports on the evolution of your post-mitigation radon concentration.

* Fall promotion 2023

  • Please note that you must have purchased the test BEFORE doing the work.
  • In addition, we will only provide one free test per home.
  • This promotion is for a limited time.